9 – 14 July 2017


Our thermal and introduction to cross-country flying course is designed to improve your thermal techniques and to teach you how to make the first steps into XC flying, with the help of a professional coach.

Poggio Bustone is a perfect paragliding spot to improve your thermalling skills and take the first steps into cross country flying.  With the take-off at 1248m you have a good altitude to search for the thermals. The combination of mountain and flatland flying gives you the option to leave the ridge when it would be to bumpy for you.

The concepts of thermal flying will be explained during theory classes and with profound practice in the air. Trigger points of a thermal, how to center the core and reading the sky are some of the basics you need to understand to stay in the air. Once at cloud base we learn hyou ow to connect the thermals to slowly progress to your first small XC flights.

In the air you get instructions and coaching by Giuseppe. He will fly close to you so you feel always comfortable and safe in the air. Besides a solid theory and practice it’s important to be comfortable with your gear. Together we’ll do a good set-up of your harness and flying instrument.

The course is as well for beginner pilots as pilots with already some experience in thermal flying. The more experienced pilots can do some small XC tasks during the mid-day hours, while the others wait for more quiet conditions later at the day.

The guidance can be in Italian, English, Spanish, Greek or French.


  • 6 days thermal and introduction to XC course
  • Daily meteo briefing and flight preparation
  • De-briefing and analysis of the flight
  • Theory of meteo, thermal and XC flying techniques and flight equipment
  • Retrieval
  • Booking of your accommodation


  • Autonomous on take-off and landing
  • Flying equipment
  • Pilot license and insurance

Number of participants: Max 7


The price for 6 days cross country course is 450€. Accommodation, meals and cable cars are not included.
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