Team of Fly the Apennines

Giuseppe "Jo" Mastromichele, Founder of Fly the Apennines

Giuseppe “Jo” Mastromichele


Italian, cross country instructor, tandem & competition pilot

Born in 1977 and raised in a city close to Rome and the Apennine mountains. Since a kid I was attracted by paper kites, floating in the air. One day, at Easter time, an old neighbour showed me how to build kites with the paper of Easter eggs and bamboo sticks. The kites were getting bigger and bigger until the day I asked him if we could make a really big one so I could fly with it. This question made him really smile.

I’m grateful I could always live my life following my passions. At the age of 20, I moved to Greece and later the Canarian Islands for windsurfing. In 2001 I decided to quit windsurfing and to focus on paragliding. I love to be in the air and to understand how the fluids move.

I build up many years of experience working as a thermal and cross country instructor, test pilot and tandem pilot. Also competing on Italian and international level, like PWC, made me grow a lot. In 2016 I participated for the 1 st time in the X-Pyrenees, a cross-country endurance competition like the X-Alps. This was an incredible experience for me. I like to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Besides paragliding I’ve been teaching in ski, snowboard and windsurf. As an outdoor sports lover I also like trail running, skiing, ski touring, downhill mountain bike, climbing and hiking.

I can guide you in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Greek or German.

Janna Stroobants, Co Founder of Fly the Apennines

Janna Stroobants


Belgian, paragliding pilot, communication & logistical support

Born and raised in Leuven, a small city in Belgium. I have a strong passion for travelling, nature and outdoor life. As a kid I always had the desire to ‘go somewhere’, as I called it when I was little. I wanted to travel, to be surprised of the world around me and to play outside in the nature. I love climbing, skiing, tour skiing, hiking and paragliding.

I started paragliding after I got inspired by a reading book of Joe Simpson and 3 months later I did my first course in Annecy. This sport gave a good reason to travel a lot and made me meet so many nice people who share the same passion.

I have travelled to many beautiful places in the world and would like to see so many more. Since I moved to Italy I fell in love with the Apennines, a discovery which I want to share with friends and other pilots. With this thought the idea of Fly the Apennines was born.